Supermoon Energy Update

December 5, 2017


Holy Supermoon, everyone! I hope you all are integrating these new energy shifts as gracefully as possible and are ready to finish out the rest of this challenging year with strength, clarity, and perseverance. After moon bathing last night, I was filled with an immense amount of energy - we are talking, the type of hyper where you can run miles with ease, and I knew something magical was about to unfold.


As I laid in bed, a high frequency pitch began to ring out, growing louder and stronger which the analytical mind somehow attributed to my window being open. Funny how the mind likes to lead, isn't it? The sounds intensified and resembled the ringing made from old radiators as water vapor escapes through the vents. Suddenly my face began vibrating as my lower lip quivered with a sensation that felt like tickles. These experiences in addition to the massive bursts of energy called me to shut my eyes and meditate. Yellow flashes immediately burst through my left eye and eventually subsided. The time was 11:11pm. 


Last night, I saw 11:11, 12:22, 12:34, and lastly 1:11 with little to no sleep but awoke refreshed, vibrant, and attuned! I decided to share this with friends and was overwhelmed to find that so many people I knew had similar experiences - a welcoming validation that this was real! In speaking to over 50 wise sisters, we were able to unfold that higher vibrational frequencies were being sent and downloaded through earths energy grids. This validation brought so much to light and proves how important confirmation is when we are navigating our spiritual path. I am forever thankful for the amazing souls I've met in this life as well as those I've connected to across the world in the last few years. 


Are you heavily effected by moon phases or had a specific experience this supermoon? Please share below!


Liz Tullo

© 2017, Consciously Blooming

Image Source: Marina Molares



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