Conversations with Earth Mother

September 22, 2017

Most of my visions come forward in a dream state. After letting this unravel for a bit and sharing parts with a close friend, I found this worthy of writing down...Unfortunately, I did not document this dream immediately after it happened so some details may have been missed.


A few days before my birthday, Earth Mother presenting me with landscapes on Gaia, spanning multiple continents as I watched from above, perhaps in the sky from a birds eye view. Her energy felt incredibly clear & feminine but authoritative, like a knowledgable grandmother figure.

She began the experience gently gliding me across her fault lines with incredible amounts of love and pride as if these ridges were the stretch marks left on a human mother after childbirth. She was giving me this as a representation of her expanding to accommodate our growing human population. Feeling this in a dream state filled me with emotion as I have the same lines across my skin after weight loss - to her, her "fault" lines, are symbols of remarkable strength and wanted that to be known.

Next, I was transported to an area filled with wells pumping dark brown and sludgy oil from the earth. As the excavation machines were drilling into the ground, oil was shooting out as tears flowing. I could tell that the excavation of oil was a huge issue as that image was very painful to watch. Oddly enough, I loved a movie called FernGully growing up and this vision reminded me of a scene with the villain character, Hexxus

She then brought me to water as we flew over tectonic plates underneath the ocean, specifically close to Africa and India, and I felt that her message was that these places as well as other land sites are beginning to mean little to us, but are actually the very things that keep us connected. Although our lives can be vastly different, we are all related because we are physically on this plane, feet replenished in soil on Gaia. Her nourishment and resources sustain life.

Earth will outlive each and every one of us but is providing a warning that cycles of greed continually create the downfalls of societies (and this is apparent in intuitive channeled readings from ancient cultures). Her message was not a scary god-like threat, but more of a nod that taking and not giving back will create issues, as we are out of equilibrium.

As I spent time with this message, I was given a nod to earthquakes occurring because of oil drilling and that this will continue to happen.


Liz Tullo


Image Source: Julie Frost, Chakra Doodles

© 2017, Consciously Blooming


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